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5200 Rt. 51 South
Belle Vernon, PA 15012
Phone: (724) 379-4800

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Essey Tire
Great place to deal with. Make you feel comfortable and great staff.
Essey Tire
Been going to Essey's Tire since the age of 16 to buy tire's or have them mounted, I'm now 52, always liked them and was always a respectable establishment.. Went to their establishment on 8/07/2015 to have two new tire's mounted & balance, they have a bunch of young kids changing them now, and well, you know how hard it is to find good help.. I watched them, and they was like a Nascar pit stop, with in 10 minutes, they had my front tire's to the back, and the two new tires mounted, balanced, and on the car, but, sometimes speed ain't a good thing, for, the one kid said, ' boy mister, your lug nuts were really rough taking off and on ' I said, ' yea, well you have to start them onto the stud before you hit them with a air impact driver ' ( Ive never had a problem with taking lug nuts off of wheels )!!!!.. Paid $ 41.82 for mounting & balancing, got in car and started down the road, felt good, until I started to get up over 60mph, took it up to 70mph and started to get a terrible shake, vibration from steering wheel, was to close to home to turn around, besides, I'm not so sure that I wanted them touching my car again.. So, woke up in the AM, jacked up front of car and took both front tires off and loaded them into pick up truck, oh, and sure enough, one of the guys from Esseys cross threaded one of my lug nuts onto the stud, so, I have to replace a stud & lug nut now... Took tires to Glotfelty Enterprises, Inc in Oakland MD ( I'm from that area ) to have them check balance on tire's, told them the story, here the guy called me into the garage and showed me that the kid who mounted them at Essey's never took any of the old weights off of wheels.. He cleaned off old weights and balanced, zero'd them out again with new weights, and its much better now, cost me another $11.50.. I'm giving this review because, I personally will never use or buy another tire from Esseys Tire, again, good luck to you if you do !!!!...

Business reply to this review:

Howard, thank you for your feedback, and thank you for the many years of business. It is customers like you that make us better. On Friday 8/7 when you came in with the two tires that you had purchased elsewhere, we were happy to install those tires for you as well as rotate your existing tires. As you watched the speed and enthusiasm of the guys working on your car, you were approached with the situation of the lug nuts and studs not being in very good working order. As you know you cannot cross thread a lug nut coming off. We let you know you had a problem that needed addressed. We did not install the existing set of tires that were on you car. As far as the vibration issue you had, I apologize for that. The guys told me they removed all of old wheel weights from the wheel, they possibly could have missed one. On you next visit to Essey Tire we will gladly refund your $11.50 you had to pay to have the wheels rebalanced. The tire changers at Essey's are extensively trained in the procedures of wheel balancing, because of this incident the technical trainer for Coats Wheel balancing is scheduled to hold another training. Again thank you for your feedback it will make us better.

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(724) 379-4800
5200 Rt. 51 South
Belle Vernon, PA 15012
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